Located on the car park is a small white building, affectionally known as the ‘Wendy House’ by the Management Committee which contains a variety of activities for groups using Hardiman Fields.

NEW FOR 2024 – Soft archery (please note that this needs to be booked in advance of your event)


Pick up Sticks





Giant Jenga


Connect 4

Chess and Draughts (the pieces are in the trough in the Barn) but the boards are in the Wendy House

Quidditch – includes rules, broom sticks, snitch, bludgers, hoops

TREFOIL GUILD (white boxes)

Several years ago, the various Trefoil Guilds around Warwickshire were challenged to produce activity boxes for our campsite.  These have been a welcome bonus to our campers, and contain the following activities

Compass Game

Promise Challenge (please note that this uses a former Promise and references the Queen and ‘Love my God’)

How to Hoist a Flag


Patrol Activities

Indoor Games

Campsite activities

Finally, four boxes of craft materials, just in case you find yourself short …


Walks around Shipston

Night lights

Bat Detector

Water slide & hose, Paddling pool

Bivouacs & Cargo netting

Rope making

Garden canes (mini pioneering)

Circus skills & Stilts

Brass rubbing

Orienteering pegs


Plastic balls Wobble boards Tower of Hanoi
Foam hopscotch Hook a duck Horse racing
Frisbee golf, flags or buckets Space hoppers Hula hoops
Bear jigsaw Bats & balls French boules
Blow up football goals Horse shoe throwing Twister
Safety glasses Golf clubs Blindfolds

Pioneering Poles are kept on rack beside barn – please be aware that the poles have been on site for some time and we would recommend that they are not used for high level bridges and structures

Ropes, poles and plastic drums for raft building are available in the barn.  However, it is the  Guider‘s/Scouter’s responsibility to provide –
Safety equipment (helmets and lifejackets etc.)
A qualified person to supervise the activity with the appropriate permit for the classification of water at the time of the activity

Regrettably, during the Covid19 pandemic our landing stages were damaged and are no longer safe to use.  It is our ongoing hope that we shall replace these, but at this stage they are not available (Hardiman Fields May 2023)